Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Formulae to Stop Dizziness and Vertigo (New Zoom Course with Dr Chuan Nan Yu)

The 'Long Covid Clinic' Zoom course was a big success and we are excited to announce our next online workshop, now dedicated to Dizziness and Vertigo. These are amongst the most common and misunderstood health problems in the world. Join us at 9:30am GMT on April 10th.

A World Spinning the Wrong Way

'Dizziness' and Vertigo are both symptoms, but they are also a cause of misery in seemingly healthy people—and confusion amongst the Western medical doctors.

For many people this problem gets so severe it halts their work and life. They go to their GP and are told the dizziness is 'unlocalised' or 'undiagnosed', or they get prescribed antihistamines. Neither helps much. Many of these patients then turn to Chinese medicine—and AcuMedic's Dr Yi has helped them understand their condition and regain control. He will be your lecturer for this course.

The Natural Options

'Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Formulae to Stop Dizziness and Vertigo' is a CPD course designed to help you learn from Dr Yi's 35+ years of experience treating patients and teaching Chinese medicine in China and the UK.

Epidemiologic population-based studies show that dizziness (including vertigo) affects approximately 15% to over 20% of adults every year. These widespread problems are associated with several categories of conditions, ranging from otological to circulatory, neurological and psychogenic. Advancing age is a risk factor. It is also a common symptom of the COVID-19 infection and the Long Covid condition.

Course Structure

Dr Yi's course is structured to give you a thorough grounding in the Chinese medical approach to solving the puzzle of dizziness and vertigo:

  1. Full definition of 'Dizziness' and 'Vertigo' according to the Chinese medical perspective

  2. List of syndromes where dizziness, and vertigo, is a symptom

  3. Causes of syndromes that cause dizziness and/or vertigo

  4. How to correctly diagnose the syndrome behind the dizziness (Liver syndromes, Qi and Blood syndromes, Phlegm syndromes)

  5. How to use acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to treat dizziness and vertigo with immediate effect

The price of the online workshop is £36 for CMIR members like you, instead of the normal £48. The VAT is included in your discounted price.

From Zoom to AcuMedic

At the end of this online workshop you will get a Certificate of Completion and 3 CPD credits. More CPD credits are available if you complete the accompanying 2-hour Clinical Study session with Dr Yi at AcuMedic Centre in London's Camden. This will be your opportunity to ask him many more in-depth questions about how to treat dizziness and vertigo with acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

Let us know your preferred date and time so we can fit your session into Dr Yi's schedule. Each session costs £60, and you are free to book as many of these sessions as you need.

About Dr Chuan Nan Yi

Dr Yi graduated in 1984 from Nanjing's Southeast University with a Bachelor’s degree in Traditional and Western Medicine, following a 5-year course of study. He served as a part-time teacher for 2 years at the Shunyi Hospital’s Health College where he taught medical students traditional diagnostic techniques and medical English. In the UK, he has taught acupuncture for over 5 years at the Almond Academy in Swindon and the CMIR in London. Find out more here.

How to Book Your Spot

Get in touch to let us know if you want to attend the online workshop on 10th April, the Clinical Study at AcuMedic (suggest your date), or both:


Phone: 020 7388 6704 (extension 2)

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