Lockdown Latest for Medical Professionals

Our interpretation of the Lockdown 2 restrictions is clear: CMIR-registered practitioners of medicine are allowed to remain open. 

The global pandemic has taken its toll on public health and your services are urgently needed today. Some of your clients may be reluctant to leave home, but many others are looking for your help right now. 

You are free to treat your clients as long as you follow the CMIR Code of Good Practice and take maximum precautions against the spread of COVID-19. 

You can see the list of businesses allowed to remain open this month on page 31 of the latest legislation text on the national Coronavirus restrictions, or you can click here for the Summary on the Government's website. 

You must still follow the Government's Covid Secure Safe Space guidelines, which we have summarised specifically for the acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and other complementary and alternative healthcare practitioners in a detailed article on the CMIR website

The Covid epidemic has forced many people to appreciate the psychosomatic complexity of health and wellbeing, while bringing new attention to the efficacy of Chinese Medicine. We hope you can help your clients with both. 

Please note that the advice in this letter is based on our own interpretation of the legislation text mentioned above. 

While we are in no doubt that the complementary and alternative medical practitioners belong to the list of "Businesses permitted to remain open", namely section 47, Part 3, it is now up to each individual practitioner to decide if they wish to remain open during Lockdown 2 as they consider the rest of the new legislation along with the safety advice from the public health authorities.