Clinical Observation

Clinical Observation

Watch and Learn

Are you a medical student or practitioner looking to learn from experienced doctors inside their own treatment rooms?

Join our Clinical Observation sessions to see effective acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in action.

Your Path to Mastery

Learning how to heal people is a lifelong apprenticeship.

You may be a medical student looking to absorb practical knowledge or an experienced practitioner seeking to expand your ability and avoid the mental stagnancy that haunts every expert. No matter your stage of development, there is no substitute to direct clinical observation of doctors at work.

The set of mirror neurons in your brain is the most powerful learning tool in the world. You were designed to learn – everything you need to know - by watching others.    

The CMIR grants you exclusive access to the busy AcuMedic Clinic where over 50,000 patients, and counting, have been treated since 1972. The Clinic is open every day in Camden – the pulsating multicultural heart of London.

“Pioneers in Chinese Medicine Since 1972”

As the inventor of the disposable acupuncture needle, AcuMedic designed medical safety and efficacy into its daily procedures. Protocols are in place, refined over decades, to enable doctors to make countless decisions that direct the course of their patients' health and well-being.  

AcuMedic's biggest source of new patients continues to be word of mouth. People in need of natural treatment for chronic conditions are routinely referred by their friends, family and medical consultants.

This is your opportunity to watch how full Chinese Medical treatment works in action – from the first diagnosis to patient's own feedback as they return from acupuncture performed by a doctor with over 20 years of clinical experience in bridging Chinese and Western medicines.

Opening the Doors for You to Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

  • Learn from an AcuMedic doctor as they treat up to five different patients

  • Watch experience in action as doctors summon their expertise and refined intuition to discern the root cause of each patient's condition

  • Understand the intricate procedure of a complete Chinese Medical diagnosis as the doctor accesses the patient's internal health

  • Choose your preferred part of the day -  10am - 2pm or 12pm – 4pm

  • Follow full authentic acupuncture treatment - from the first to last strategic needle - as the AcuMedic doctor gets to the point of their patient's health needs

  • Listen to patients' feedback straight after treatment. Ask them your questions

  • Observe Chinese herbal prescriptions designed for each patient and prepared at AcuMedic's dispensary

  • Ask an AcuMedic doctor any questions during a special 1-hour session granted exclusively to Clinical Observers looking to learn from some of the best practitioners in the field

Investment: 60 GBP

Call us on 020 7388 6704 or click here to book your next learning opportunity