A growing number of patients want a more natural and holistic approach to healthcare and the medical community is noting the benefits and successes of Chinese medicine. More and more medical professionals recognise how Chinese medicine can benefit their patients and are combining a Chinese and Western medical approach to enhance their practice and be able to use the best of both medical systems to treat patients with the most appropriate methods for their individual conditions.

CMIR is dedicated to the modernisation of Chinese medicine and its proper integration into conventional mainstream medical practice. We promote clinical excellence in Chinese medicine and acupuncture by providing high-standard educational courses for medical professionals who wish to study Chinese medicine and maintaining a register of properly qualified practitioners. We aim to raise public awareness of the benefits and development of Chinese medicine and improve clinical standards to ensure its safety and effectiveness on a global scale.

Who can join CMIR?

CMIR accredited membership is open to: 

  • Qualified medical doctors and healthcare professionals, who have completed a degree or diploma in Chinese medicine and acupuncture from a recognised professional training institution, for example the CMIR Postgraduate Diploma in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture
  • Chinese medical doctors, who have completed a degree from an accredited Chinese medical university in China, such as Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
  • There are also categories for specialist, associate and student membership.

Click here to read about all membership categories.

Click here to download the CMIR Membership Application Form.

For more information about CMIR membership, please call 0207 388 6704 or click here to send us an email.

After becoming an accredited member of the CMIR, you will benefit from:

MCMIR after your name and the use of the CMIR membership seal

  • This will assure the public of your competence as a practitioner and also mark your practices as safe, professional and adhering to a code of conduct and good practice

Recognition by private healthcare insurers

  • CMIR members benefit from BAF recognition which means that acupuncture treatment can be covered by a long list of health insurance companies. Please see the British Acupuncture Federation website for the full list of insurers.

The Most Affordable Acupuncture Insurance

  • BAF has negotiated the best rates and most comprehensive scheme with Balens for professional insurance. All that you have to do is arrange your insurance with Balens and be sure to state that you are eligible for the British Acupuncture Federation scheme.

Priority and discounts of well established CPD and specialist training programmes

  • CPD is vital to your practice and also a requirement for reaccreditation for CMIR members. CMIR members will be able to enjoy an extra discount for selected CPD courses and also able to join member-exclusive events.

Exemption from Special Treatment Licenses in all London Boroughs

  • CMIR is included on the list of organisations exempt from Special Treatment Licenses, so CMIR members do not need to apply and pay for a license if their practice is in London. Please contact us for more information.

Discounts and offers on purchases at the AcuMedic Professional Shop

  • CMIR members receive a 10% discount on a huge range of products, including acupuncture needles, in addition to special discounted offers and sales. Call the AcuMedic Professional Sales Team on 02073886704 or visit for a full list of products.

The latest news and events with the CMIR members newsletter.

  • Keep up to date with the latest news and events though the CMIR Members Newsletter and join in the conversation on the CMIR Facebook page and Twitter Feed.

An influential voice in the regulation of Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

  • CMIR is actively involved in campaigning for statutory regulation for Chinese Medicine and protective status for Chinese Medicine practitioners. Our chairman regularly participates in Department of Health Working Group Sessions and British Acupuncture Federation meetings to protect the interests of all CMIR members and their practices.

BAF Sharps Disposal Service

  • Members are able to utilise a no contract, collect and deliver service including full disposal whenever they are ready for the cheapest rates.

Pharma Nord Supplements

  • Members can enjoy a 35% discount on Pharma Nord nutritional & dietary supplements. They provide scientifically documented products with a focus on high bio-availability, safety and documentation.

MOJO Sperm Testing

  • Members can include the MOJO Sperm Testing kit into their practice at a discount.