Foundation in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

Foundation in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

Back by popular demand, the CMIR Foundation course is a unique training program for practising medical and healthcare professionals. 

Designed to provide practical insights and skills, this course helps integrate your knowledge of anatomy and physiology with Chinese medicine and acupuncture—a time-tested natural therapy benefiting millions worldwide.


  • Professionals from mainstream and complementary medicine 
  • Trained acupuncturists looking for an energising refresher and new approach
  • Nurses 
  • Physiotherapists
  • Masseurs 


Held part-time on weekends, these courses suit the busy schedules of healthcare professionals and grant 6 CPD credits for each day attended.

Foundation Courses I & II focus on syndrome acupuncture skills and essential medical theory, giving you new diagnostic and treatment tools within a comprehensive understanding of health and disease.

Expect :

  • High-calibre teaching
  • Practical training
  • In-depth patient case studies

By the end of the program, you'll be ready to meet the global demand for natural medicine in an era dominated by the wellness industry.


All CMIR lecturers, graduates of leading Chinese medical universities, bring extensive knowledge in both Chinese and Western medicine, with decades of experience in their fields. Read more about our teaching staff.

Foundation I

Chinese Medicine Theory

Designed for medical and healthcare practitioners, as well as acupuncturists looking to rejuvenate their practice, this course is a foundational step for those interested learning safe and effective herbal medicine prescribing or gaining a comprehensive grounding in authentic acupuncture therapy.

The course runs over six weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) and is divided into three modules:

  • Chinese Medicine Theories

  • Chinese Diagnostics

  • Syndrome Differentiation


The course fee is £1080, payable in three instalments of £360 each, due on the 2nd of each month.

Foundation II

Chinese Syndrome Acupuncture

Chinese Syndrome Acupuncture stands as the leading and most practised form of acupuncture in China - offering a broader and more encompassing range of techniques compared to Western trigger-point acupuncture.

Renowned and sought-after for its effectiveness in addressing a wide spectrum of health issues and concerns, it's a highly specialised type of acupuncture.

This course builds on Foundation I, focusing specifically on mastering acupuncture within the framework of Chinese syndrome acupuncture. It is tailored for acupuncturists who have completed Foundation I and wish to expand their skills to include effective Chinese syndrome acupuncture in their practice.

The course takes place over two weekends, on Saturdays and Sundays, and covers:

  • Accurate diagnostic methods
  • Effective treatment strategies
  • Advanced techniques rooted in traditional Chinese medicine theory


For more information on upcoming dates and enrolment, please contact us.