Foundation in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

Foundation in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

Back by popular demand. The CMIR Foundation course is where active medical and healthcare professionals combine their expertise in anatomy and physiology with training in Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

Nurses, physiotherapists, masseurs and practising professionals from mainstream and complementary medicine will benefit from studying at this course. Trained acupuncturists will find this to be an energising refresher in what makes acupuncture a time-tested natural therapy that is helping millions of people around the world.

All teaching is part-time and held on weekends to allow busy healthcare professionals to study with us while maintaining their practice.

Expect the highest quality teaching, practical training, patient case studies, and 6 CPD credits for each day you attend.

CMIR lecturers have graduated from some of the top Chinese medical universities in China and have extensive knowledge of both Chinese and Western medicine, with decades of experience in their chosen fields. Click here to read more about our teaching staff.

The Foundation courses I & II will provide you with syndrome acupuncture skills and the essential medical theory. You will gain new diagnostic and treatment tools backed up by a holistic understanding of health and disease. Our teaching staff will equip you to meet the global demand for natural medicine in an age indelibly marked by the booming wellness industry.

Foundation I

Chinese Medicine Theory

This course is designed for medical and healthcare practitioners as well as acupuncturists looking to reinvigorate their practice. This is the stepping stone for practitioners looking to learn how to prescribe herbal medicine or to gain thorough grounding in authentic acupuncture therapy.

The course will be taught over six weekends on Saturdays and Sundays. It consists of three modules -Chinese Medicine Theories, Chinese Diagnostics and Syndrome Differentiation.

Dates (2020)

Chinese Medicine Theory

14 - 15 March
28 - 29 March

Chinese Diagnostics

25 - 26 April
9 - 10 May

Syndrome Differentiation

30 - 31 May
13 - 14 June


£1080. You can pay in three instalments at £360 each on the 2nd of each month in March, April and May 2020.

Foundation II

Chinese Syndrome Acupuncture

Syndrome acupuncture is the leading type of acupuncture practised in China. It is a much broader and more encompassing technique than Western trigger-point acupuncture and can be used to treat a wider range of problems. Chinese medicine theory will be briefly covered in this foundation course with a focus on acupuncture treatment.

This course will build on the progress you have made to complete Foundation I. It is designed for existing acupuncturists who are not trained in traditional Chinese syndrome acupuncture and for those who want to provide effective Chinese syndrome acupuncture as an additional service. In order to study this course you must complete Foundation I. The course will be taught over two weekends on Saturdays and Sundays.

Dates (2020)

27 - 28 June
11 - 12 July



Early bird discount:

Book and pay for Foundation I AND II together by 31st January 2020 to get your 15% discount.

Book and pay for Foundation I OR Foundation II only by 31st January 2020 to get your 10% discount.

For more information or to register for the next student intake, call 0207 388 6704 or click here to send us an email.