Dr Chuan Nan Yi, MD, MCMIR

Dr Chuan Nan Yi, MD, MCMIR

Senior Lecturer at the AcuMedic Foundation

Why I became a doctor

Since I was a teenager I wanted to practice Chinese Medicine, like my mother whose work as a doctor brought so much happiness to others and herself. She was so happy to do this work, and people appreciated her very much. Watching her help people has taught me that solving people’s problems, saving people’s lives, is what makes life meaningful.

Academic background

Dr Yi graduated in 1984 from Nanjing’s Southeast University with a Bachelor’s degree in Traditional and Western Medicine, following a 5-year course of study. 

Dr Yi served as a part-time teacher for 2 years at the Shunyi Hospital’s Health College where he taught medical students traditional diagnostic techniques and medical English. 

In the UK, he has taught acupuncture for 5 years at the Almond Academy in Swindon. 

These experiences have taught him the importance of making education practical and individually tailored to each person:

Hands-on teaching style

I have noticed that talking to a whole classroom has limitations. It slows down everybody’s learning. Each student has their own needs and you must have the patience to thoroughly explain what they need to know, to each one of them.

So to improve learning, I organised practical sessions for my students and provided case studies to help them learn the right solutions to medical problems. As a result, the students learned quickly.”