Dr Xuhua Han

Dr Xuhua Han

Dean of Studies


“When I was a little girl I remember my mother working at a hospital of Chinese medicine. I remember how my siblings and the rest of my family were treated with Chinese medicine and acupuncture when we were ill. From my family upbringing I came to understand the benefits of Chinese medicine and the principles of its philosophy, such as holism: the body’s self-healing ability; and the idea that there are important correspondences between nature and people.

So, I decided to become a doctor of Chinese Medicine, with the goal of not only treating diseases in a way that is natural but also to help people have healthy and balanced lives.”

Dr Han began her medical studies with a BSc in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture at the Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine in Taiyuan, China. She graduated in 1991 and spent the following three years studying MSc TCM Formula Science at the Shanxi Research Institute of Chinese Medicine. Having graduated in 1994, she worked as a TCM Doctor and Associate Professor at the Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine and its affiliated hospital. In 2003 Dr. Han moved to the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine where she spent three years working on her PhD of Medical Science in Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine. After completing her MSc degree, Dr Han worked  at the gastroenterology department of the Affiliated Hospital of Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine, as well as at the Shanxi Research Institute of Chinese Medicine and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. 

In addition to her medical practice, Dr Han’s academic work spans teaching, theses supervision, research and publishing. She has worked as a Tutor and Dissertation Supervisor to undergraduate and postgraduate students in China’s medical universities. Dr Han’s teaching and scientific research work in China has earned her several awards. She has also worked on various medical research projects. She has authored and co-authored numerous articles in academic journals of Chinese medicine and worked as the editor, editor-in-chief and deputy editor-in-chief of books on the science of Chinese herbal medicine.

Dr Han is involved in teaching all CMIR courses. As Dean of Studies, she is responsible for the overall development of the professional education department. Dr Han specialises in treating psycho-emotional, gynaecological, musculoskeletal and dermatological conditions.

Scientific Research Projects:

  • Study on Key Technology of Microemulsion Delivery System of Chinese Medicine

Key Projects of Scientific and Technological Development (2004BA721A46); supported by State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Study on The Modern Biological Foundation of the Compatible Regularity of the Banxiaxiexin Decoction and its Associated Prescriptions

Key Projects of Subjects of Integrated Medicine (N0.2001-004); supported by State Key 211 Projects (State Key Subjects Foundation)